Model for us

Have you every wanted to model, and have your photos published?

For many models this is their dream and we’d love to help you make that a reality for you. Unfortunately, no photographer can guarantee or “promise” to get you published, but we will do our best and have done this successfully in the past, and while we can’t promise you that we can do anything for you, other than give you our best endeavours if you do the same.

Above everything, it’s about passion and commitment.

If you’re not passionate about modelling, about working hard, and not with strong will, then you will never get far in modelling, nor in any other industry. Please don’t waste your time or mine–however, but if you feel you’ve got what it takes, then get in touch.. nothing ventured, nothing gained.


We do sometimes do what is known around the Internet as “TFP or TFCD,”. Our take on this, is that if we agree, you will get a copy of post-produced shots for your portfolio from the actual shoot – you will not get the actual shoot itself. Promising any model a CD-ROM of all the images is not practiced in the “real-world” of modeling–so please don’t ask, and why would you want it anyway – it takes a long time to edit photos, and surely you only want the best ones.

What’s in it for me? What do I get?

You’ll get some shots for your portfolio, that we think you’ll link. We can’t promise, but you’ve seen the calibre of our work and if it worked for them, it will probably work for you. Also, we have no interest in creating bad images, we want to push things on, develop and great stunning images.

Well you found this site didn’t you.. and for great shots, we will give them exposure on our sites (we run many high profile websites). It’s possible we can help you create your own website, introduce you to other photographers, models, and agencies.

Before you get in touch..

Before you get in touch, remember we will not even respond if you do not include your email address, your phone number, location (City, State, Country) and best time to call, your age (you must be over 18 (and ideally 21) – and able to provide evidence of this) your stats (height, weight, hair color, etc.) and at least a link to one image somwhere on the web (you can upload to flickr for example). (the more photos the merrier).

It’s all about professionalism, being on time, being committed to what you set your goals on when it comes to modelling.

Now, if you’ve read this far, that’s great, and shows you’re serious. Please send me your contact info and if you have them links to your profiles on one of the modelling portfolio sites for example Model Mayhem.

Things to note..

Things to note when it comes to modelling for us, one, we shoot sexy, sultry, seductive, sensous images, though nudity is never a requirement. This is about the kind of images that make you go wow, and take a second look. Please let me know what types of modeling you’d like to do, in addition, please let me know your availability. Please be specific, not vague.

Don’t be afraid to contact us as there’s always an opportunity for new talent.

And for the lucky few our models not only have the opportunity to build their portfolios and make money, they go to great places, with good friends, and go on with great memories and images.

We look forward to hearing from you.