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The number one website for information, guides and event listings for glamour photography and glamour modelling workshops in the UK and around the world.

Geting into the exciting world of Glamour can be fun, enjoyable and a wonderful adventure, all you need is the right mentors, trainers, friends and suggestions. There’s nothing better than a Glamour Workshop to get you started, to accelerate your learning and have you producing great results and being well on your way to making a success of your skills in the world of Glamour.

Here you will find information on a wide selection of workshops covering various styles and aspect of Glamour – including glamour, swimsuit, fitness, lingerie, fashion, nude, artistic, and even fetish photography workshops.

No matter what your currnetly skill level is, there is a workshop perfect for you, whether your a model, a photographer, videographer, agent, manager or producer.

Just a Hobby

If this is just a hobby, then a workshop is a perfect chance to enjoy your hobby with like minded people, learn new skills in a relaxed environment and product the kind of results that will make you love your hobby even more. We can help guide you step by step at each of our workshops so you will never feel left out or left behind.

Already a Photographer

We have workshops designed to help you take your photography up to the next standard, understand more about workflow, working with models, achieving the kind of images you dream of, and what it realy takes. So from beginners to seasoned pro’s, everyone walks out learning something new, and armed with new techniques able to get shooting with renewed energy and producing amazing shots.


Get in touch, and we can look at the possibility of running a workshop for you in your venue. We can come anywhere in the UK, and provide you with models, make up artists, equipment to run a great workshop.


If you’d like our help with running a casting, or are an agency looking to reshoot some of your clients, a workshop can be a great opportunity. We are also always looking to hear from reputable companies that we can refer photographers and models to.